Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Hari Lualhati: Art Exhibition in Ukraine

Hari Lualhati is  part of an International Art Group exhibition in Ukraine.  “4th International Exhibition of Gallery Olezh - Summer 2016” from June 1, 2016- August 30, 2016 at Lazurnoe city, Black Sea coast, Skadovsk district, Kherson region, Ukraine. #‎HariLualhatiUkraine  #‎Ukraine #‎GalleryOlezha  #‎HariLualhatiGalleryOlezh #‎HariLualhati #‎Artist

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Hari Lualhati is an ARTIST (Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Designer) born in Philippines and obtained a Degree in Fine Arts in University of the Philippines, Diliman year 2006 (Cum Laude). Hari is now based in South Africa.

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