Friday, 20 May 2016

HARI LUALHATI: 2nd Annual International ARvesT Expo'16 "ARMENIA"

May 20, 2016 I’m honoured to be part of an International Art Exhibition in Armenia.🇦🇲 The 2nd Annual International ARvesT Expo'16 at the “Armenian Centre for Contemporary Experimental Art - ACCEA”, Yerevan, Armenia from 17 to 21 of May 2016. Artists from 17 countries participated.The event is supported by the Ministry of Diaspora and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Armenia. ARvesT Expo'16 #HariLualhatiArmenia #Armenia #ArtExhibiton#HariLualhatiARvesTExpo16 #ARvesTExpo16  #HariLualhati 

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Hari Lualhati is an ARTIST (Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Artist, Designer) born in Philippines and obtained a Degree in Fine Arts in University of the Philippines, Diliman year 2006 (Cum Laude). Hari is now based in South Africa.

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